From Brick and Mortar to Click and Order

How Badger Commerce Simplifies Your Business's Digital Transformation

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The Digital Imperative

In today's world, merely having a physical storefront isn't enough. Businesses must adapt to the digital landscape to stay competitive. Badger Commerce offers you an effortless transition from traditional retail to a unified online and in-store experience.

The Badger Commerce Advantage

We're not just about moving your store online. We aim to create a seamless, unified retail experience for your customers across all sales channels.

Cross-Channel Promotions

With our rules-based promotions engine, design offers that are applicable both online and in your physical stores. This approach simplifies promotions management while offering a unified shopping experience.

Single View of Customers

Our platform aggregates customer data across channels into one centralized dashboard. This feature enables personalized service, regardless of the customer's choice of shopping medium.

Access to Customer Information In-Store

Through our advanced Point of Sale (POS) system, customer data is immediately available, allowing your in-store staff to offer personalized services, such as recommendations or assistance with online orders.

Endless Aisle / Extended Range

The 'endless aisle' feature lets in-store customers order products not currently in stock but available online, right from the in-store interface.

Advanced Point of Sale (POS)

Our POS system, currently in beta, provides additional layers of customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Stripe Terminal and Badger Pay

We integrate with Stripe Terminal for customer-present payments, enabling convenient in-store payments. Badger Pay allows for instant payment links, facilitating transactions without additional hardware.

Edge Computing: Raspberry Pi Support

One of the most groundbreaking features is our support for deployment on Raspberry Pi, enabling edge computing. This offers multiple advantages:

  • Offline Working: Your store remains operational even when network connectivity is temporarily unavailable.

  • Resilience: Even if cloud downtime occurs—which is rare—your store can continue trading, ensuring business continuity.

Ready for the Future

Badger Commerce provides the tools you need to adapt and thrive in the digital age, helping you not only to keep up but to lead the way.