Badger Commerce Google Analytics GA4 Rollout

Google sunsets Universal Analytics in move to GA4

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We're excited to announce that Badger Commerce is already running Google Analytics 4 (GA4). In October 2022, Google officially announced the rollout of GA4 and reminded users last week that the old Universal Analytics will no longer be supported after July 1, 2023. Moreover, Universal Analytics data will not be migrated to GA4, and is expected to only be available for six months.

Our expert engineering team has taken the lead and seamlessly integrated GA4 into our platform, with a #ZeroDownTime release back in December 2022. This provided our customers with a large overlap in datasets, without any interruption to their services. With the integration of GA4, our customers have saved time and resources, without worrying about the hassle of a traditional project or incurring additional costs.

At Badger Commerce, we are committed to providing our customers with a world-class eCommerce solution.

Our #ZeroDownTime policy ensures that our platform remains running during deployments, providing uninterrupted service for our valued customers.

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